Citizen scientists help bringing water to the weather models

March 18, 2020

Due to the sars-cov-19 pandemic, this year's citizen science project have been postponed. Even though it seems that it is dificult for Norwegian skiers to stay at home, we cannot give them the excuse to seek out the snow. If you want to get involved when we are up and running again, you can contact the Harald Sodemann.

Harald Sodemann is working on improving the weather models. One thing he and his colleagues think can be improved is how water in the atmosphere is treated, to understand where it is coming from. To do this they need observations, and to get these observations, they ask skiers in the Norwegian mountains to take snow samples. For where better to gather samples of precipitation than the rainy Norwegian mountains. And who better to gather these samples, than skiers that prefer to go where no other people would think about going.

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